Immigration/Refugees Experience Movies

A Day WIthout a Mexican
A World Apart (disappearance, apartheid)
Al Otro Lado (Children searching for their immigrant parents)
All White in Barking (racism, immigration London neighborhood)
Another Side of Peace (Israeli-Palestinian dialogue)
Babel (2 of the 3 stories address immigrant intercultural dilemmas)
Bella (Immigrants in NYC)
Dirty Pretty Things (trafficking of human organs)
Dreams of Dust (Internal Displacement)
El Norte (border crossing)
Encounter Point
The Forgotten Refugees
Golden Door
Grapes of Wrath
Hester Street
Hotel Rwanda (refugees in own country)
Human Tragedy: The Face of Kosovo
Journey From the Fall (Viet Nam)
La Familia
Machuca (Chilean children perspective in 1973)
Maria, Full of Grace (Colombia traffic)
The Namesake (Based on the novel)
Rabbit Proof Fence (Indigenous Australian)
Rain in a Dry Land (2 families, a Somali family in Springfield, MA, and another in Atlanta, GA)
Schindler’s List (holocaust survivors)
The Road to Guantanamo
The Secret Life of Words (torture survivor story)
The Violin
Sophie’s Choice
Spare Parts (Trafficking)
Strengthening Resistance: The Use of Narrative Practice in Working with Genocide Survivors (Rwanda)
Syrian Bride (family divided by occupation and war)
The three funerals of Melquiades Concha
Under the Bombs
Under the Same Moon (Children-Parents separated by border)
When the Levees Broke (katrina disaster)