Collaborative work: the patient as an expert

Conversations as therapeutic

Language as constitutive rather than representing

Assessment and Intervention are iterative processes

Therapy is not always the route and therapists can help

Testimony and story making.

Co-therapy as a learning tool.

Negotiating "Case management" and advocacy

Outreach work

Appreciative inquiry

Special Issues

Negotiating the first interview: What do federal and state agencies expect? What do institutions believe is core/
The intake as an opportunity for engagement
Appointments as a cultural artifact
Videotape: distinguishing it from torture
Immigration experience as a whole and intersecting with refugee model
Therapy: What is sufficient condition and what it is necessary?
Documenting: balancing accountability and confidentiality

Dilemmas in schools negotiating the special education system:
avoiding inappropriate diagnoses and obtaining needed services
Activating resources and avoiding conflict among administrators, teachers, and advocates
Negotiating obstacles of within group diversity - when the interpreter is seen as the enemy
Collaboration in defining needs and solutions

Structure of the first session